Historic Heart launch

To mark the installation of Historic Heart's first art projects, a launch event was held on Sunday 15th October 2017 at the beautiful Kirkman House on the east end of Murray Street.

The aim of Historic Heart's first art projects is to indicate change and new energy in this forgotten area of our city – the Historic Heart of Perth.

From a Western Australian heritage, culture and arts perspective, the revitalization of Perth’s east end is important ‐ the Historic Heart being home to one of Perth’s greatest collections of heritage listed buildings, forming significant streetscapes of late nineteenth and early twentieth century architecture. The area is also important from a tourism perspective, being home to 16 hotels and a number of tourist attractions, which means for many visitors to Perth their first experience of our city is in the Historic Heart.

At the event, Adrian Fini (Chair of Historic Heart of Perth Inc) thanked our sponsors and supporters, in particular the State Government.

Hon David Templeman MLA (Minister for Local Government, Heritage, Culture & the Arts) and Mr John Carey MLA (Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier), represented the State Government. Both made speeches, congratulating Historic Heart on the work done to date and encouraging others to support the initiative.