Historic Heart's small museums

Kent Acott, The West Australian, 21 July 2018

Fantastic story on Historic Heart's small museums in Saturday's West Australian newspaper. 

The Historic Heart is home to one of Perth’s greatest collections of heritage listed buildings, forming important streetscapes of late 19th and 20th century architecture. This is evident if you walk through the area. But what you wouldn’t know just walking through Perth’s east end is that some of these buildings house intriguing small museums.

Historic Heart’s museums include the Old Court House Law Museum (housed in Perth’s oldest building, constructed in 1836), the Royal Perth Hospital Museum (housed in Perth’s first hospital), the DFES Heritage Centre (housed in Perth’s first fire station) and the YAL Museum (pictured here).

We hope the people of Perth take time to walk the Historic Heart, from the Old Court House Law Museum in Stirling Gardens to The Perth Mint on Hill Street and beyond, and explore the history of our city within these intriguing spaces.

For further details see the SMALL MUSEUMS page of our website. 

Historic Heart's small museums