Big and small ideas for Perth

Great to see "Historic Heart" mentioned in The Property Council’s new report, "Big and Small Ideas for Perth". The report is a call to action which advocates a number of strategies to make Perth a world class city. One of the strategies is "A City of Neighbourhoods". The report explains:

"Great cities of the world are filled with well-known, desirable inner city neighbourhoods that are perceived and managed as distinct places. As it stands today, inner city Perth is geographically vast. There are big experiences to be had at Kings Park, Perth Arena and Elizabeth Quay, but at a neighbourhood level we need to give people more to discover – local streets, businesses and places. While some of Perth’s inner city neighbourhoods have distinct identities ... others have been overlooked, or left behind. New precincts such as the Historic Heart are emerging, while others need to be re-imagined. ..."

Download a copy of the report here:

Property Council_Historic Heart of Perth.jpg